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Parabob: Möjlighet för nya utövare att testa parabob!

05 AUG 2019 10:28
Nu har du möjlighet att testa idrotten Parabob! Action och fart med hastigheter över 100 kilometer i timmen.
  • Uppdaterad: 05 AUG 2019 10:28

Norges Ake- , Bob- och Skeletonförbund (NABSF) tillsammans med internationella bob och skeletonförbundet (IBSF) bjuder in alla som är intresserade att testa på parabob i Lillehammer. 


Har du frågor är du välkommen att kontakta Svenska Kälksportförbundet:


E-post: This is a mailto link

Telefon: 010-476 42 46


Mer info nedan (engelska). 


Resurces and competence

The Paraschool event is a collaboration between NABSF and IBSF (The International Bob and Skeleton Federation) who together have a team of coaches, healthcare staff and support staff in place throughout the Paraschool.


Registration / deductible

All participants cover their own travel, accommodation and food. However, we recommend that participants book a hotel at the Hunderfossen hotel because it is a short distance to the track from the hotel, which will also be our base camp during the Paraschool.

Participants representing a Norwegian Sports Club associated with NABSF pay a deductible of 1000 NOK

All other participants must pay a deductible of 1500 NOK


Other information

We require a minimum of 6 participants to arrange the Paraschool and the maximum number of participants is set at 15. Norwegian participants will be given priority if the attendance exceeds the maximum number of participants.

The IBFS rules set as minimum requirements that you can move yourself in / out of the bob alone without assistance. It also requires good arm and finger function. If you are in doubt if you have inadequate function in arms / fingers, check the option «… conversation with our physiotherapist» in the registration form and our physiotherapist will contact you to clarify if you have the required function in arms and fingers. The same if you have a known weakness in the skeleton / have osteoporosis. Then you are initially disqualified from being able to do this sport / attend the Paraschool, but ask our physiotherapist contact you to clarify this.


Equipment and Clothing

  • Helmet. EC approved helmet. Flip-front is not allowed. (Helmets can be borrowed at the track if you do not own or manage to borrow one).
  • Motor-cross protection vest, with back/spine protection, is recommended for those who want a little more padding and protection. Not necessary, but nice to have.
  • Thin gloves while driving, possibly without gloves for those who prefer it. This to have good contact with the D-rings/the stearing (control).
  • Thin windproof fleece jacket or sweater while driving. Ideally without hood and other things that can slow down.
  • Shoes of type; boxing/motorsport shoes are recommended because it makes it easier to get in/out of the bobsled.
  • Important!!! Use the cushion from your wheelchair or other pressure relief cushion to prevent pressure sores from driving.
  • Otherwise, warm winter clothes and a hat because it is cold to wait outside in the cold.


Registration deadline
October 30th 2019

We hope for big participation and look forward to see you all in the track!


Registration form and information in Norwegian and English


Skribent: Niclas Bentzer
Epost: Adressen Gömd














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